Awakening Sleeping Angels

After a life-changing angel reading followed by meeting my 4 angels, I discovered that my past life was lived in the Angelic Realm and my official angel is Archangel Michael, who has turned my life upside down in the best possible way.  Since then I completed a degree program in Metaphysics, became an ordained mister through the International Metaphysical Ministry, and channeled two online classes that are available.

Awakening Sleeping Angels

A 6-week course that is Angel Communication focused while teaching accessible spiritual practices for busy parents, full-time employees, or anyone who wants to learn and practice self-energy healing.  Learn how to use divination tools, and develop a closer connection to their angels!!

Divination tools include:


Tarot & Oracle Cards


Self Healing

Crystal Healing


Sacred Space


Law of Attraction

Sound Healing

The Structure of the Universe

This course gives in-depth details about the dimensions of the Universe, the differences between guides, angels, and ascended masters, the structure of the angelic realm, and why our view of One God, God as Universal Consciousness and God Within all matters in our ability to reach our soul’s purpose.

At the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of higher beings and their roles and how they move in and out of dimensions to support us in our lives here on this planet.